Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Grace and Humor

I'm currently working on my article for July 14th, "Grace Happening People Have a Sense of Humor." Humor is a muscle that I've had to develop. As a child and adolescent, I was often told, "Linda, you're just too sensitive!" I took things so personally and seriously and got my feelings hurt easily. My sensitivity and low self esteem was a recipe for insecurity and a high need for approval. I tried so hard to be what I thought others wanted me to be, and, of course, I never felt I measured up. In time, I learned to value myself and realize that God loves me, and with this came the ability to laugh at myself.

With emotional and spiritual healing came a new laugh--one of those belly laughs that other people find contagious. My kids and husband get such a kick out of how I laugh at my favorite movies scenes, like when Mrs. Doubtfire caught her boobs on fire and when Patch Adams mooned Dean Walcott at his graduation from medical school. I never used to laugh like this -- my laughs were restrained, although I didn't realize it. I thank God for the gift of belly laughs. They remind me that I am loved and that I've healed from hurts of the past.

I love to poke fun at myself in my column. I have lots of stories of my fallability that humble me and give me cause to laugh at silly me. For example, I have a very bad habit of running late, which drives my husband insane (which is not at all funny because my tardiness causes him true distress). He tells people that we've always thought that people at church are so pleased to see us that they stand up and sing when we arrive (which is often well after the announcements have been made and as the first hymn begins)!

One Sunday, upon arriving home after church, while still sitting in the car. I reached down to grab my shoes that I had kicked off. I found two shoes, but they were not what I would consider to be a "pair." The two shoes were different colors and the heel heights and contours were different. Figuring that I must have left a pair of shoes in the car at an earlier time, I continued my search, thinking I'd be carting two pair of shoes into the house. But there was no second pair--only the mismatched pair. That's when it struck me that in my rush to get ready for church, I'd donned two different shoes! After my initial embarrassment, I wondered if the man sitting next to me in church had noticed my mistake. As I crossed my legs first to the right and then to the left, showing off my collection of footwear, did he smile and swallow a laugh, so as not to cause a distraction during the sermon? I'll never know, but I've always been able to laugh at myself over this. I just may try it again some Sunday and watch peoples' reactions!

Do you have a story you can tell on yourself? If so, I'd love to hear it. I promise I won't print itin the paper--without first getting your permission!

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