Tuesday, January 1, 2008

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION - December 29, 2007

The year is quickly drawing to a close and, as was true in previous years, I am hopelessly behind on all the projects I resolved to complete in 2007. Those ten pounds that I regained that I was going to re-lose? Still hanging out around my middle… Clearing out the clutter? Still accumulating… Pictures to be put in albums? Still on disks and digital camera… Computer skills I was going to master? Still hoping a computer geek will materialize like a genie… This is rather discouraging, don’t you think?

Thus, I hereby resolve to ignore all loose ends of 2007 and get a jump start on 2008. So here’s my one (and only) resolution for the new year:

I resolve—really, I do—to lose those ten pounds that ever-so-slowly crept back on my body, giving me a more generous appearance.

There! That’s done! My desktop is cleared. I’m off to a fresh start. Surely I can accomplish one resolution!

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just make one resolution and be done with it? But the resolution to lose weight necessitates additional changes as well: I resolve to eat less—and to exercise more. Okay! Two resolutions. This still seems doable! Hmm…yet these resolutions beg for further clarification:

I resolve to take smaller portions at mealtime; to limit my snacking to two small snacks a day, fruit only; to not eat after 8:00 p.m.; to eat desert only twice a week; to resist the temptation to replace my Lean Cuisine with the high fat, high calorie lunches the drug reps bring to the office; to go to Curves three times a week; to do the full half hour workout and not count chatting as exercise.

Aughh! Perhaps I should resolve to NOT resolve anything! Well, it was a nice idea, this getting off to a strong start for 2008. But I think I need to use the last few days of December to rest up for the arduous tasks of the New Year.

I think my stab at creating an orderly 2008 is a reflection of my sense of disorder due to the holiday disruptions of my daily routine: there are decorations to disassemble and pack away; plastic containers full of leftovers crammed into my frig and cluttering my counter; gifts that don’t quite fit my body or my d├ęcor that need to be exchanged; wads of wrapping paper continue to turn up under pillows and stacks of new books; and, of course, baby paraphernalia accidentally left behind when Evan went home.

Speaking of Evan, the chaos of Christmas was replaced with a sense of “all is calm, all is bright,” every time I held that precious little guy! His crooked little grin causes global warming of my heart! Ahhh… Who cares about the clutter and crumbs when I hold Evan close and watch his eyelids flutter over his deep blue eyes and listen for that deep shutter of a sigh when he gives way to dreamland. “Slee-eep in Heavenly Peace.”

Focusing on grandbaby Evan definitely helps me realign my 2008 priorities:

Resolution 1: I resolve to spend every Monday babysitting Evan (Just you try to make me break this resolution!).

Resolution 2: Holding Evan reminds me to follow Mary’s example and “ponder” the mysteries and miracles of God. (Luke 2:19)

Resolution 3: I resolve to strive to see the precious child within everyone I encounter—the child that God created in his very own image (Genesis 1:26-27) and who he loves with an abounding, enduring, everlasting, and unfailing love. (Check out how many times the Bible describes God’s love in these terms.)

Resolution 4: I will strive to, “Trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding; in all my ways acknowledge him, and he will make my paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6 NIV)

Resolution 5: I will “do unto others as I would have them do unto me.” (Matthew 7:12)

What great resolutions! God’s word is a great place to turn for ideas on New Year’s resolutions. I encourage you to flip through a few pages of the Good Book and choose a few of your own.
I wish you strong resolve—and health and happiness in 2008!

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