Sunday, October 19, 2008

Changes at the Herald Bulletin

Well, I knew that the ride couldn't last forever. It's been a really fun ride, too. But, I learned recently that The Herald Bulletin, my hometown newspaper, plans to change its format. In an attempt to attrack more readers, the decision has been made to make changes to my column -- or should I say, the Saturday morning "religious column."

"Readers are wanting shorter articles and more variety," I'm told. So, at a yet to be determined point in the future, I will be sharing my column with three other writers. This means that I will only be writing once a month. And my word count is dropping from 500-700 words (and I always finish at about 699 words) to 500 words.

It feels as if my space is being invaded! This has been MY column and now three other writers will be invited to set up camp in my domain. My Mama always told me to share, but sharing a toy or a pizza is my idea of sharing. Surely she didn't mean that I should have to share my writing space.

Mom had a column for several years in a small Christian newspaper and when the paper closed, her gig was up. I should be grateful that at least my gig isn't completely up. I wish that she were still alive so I could moan to her--she would understand my possessiveness and disappointment. Mom would also tell me that God has other plans for me and she would promise to pray for me.

Thanks, Mom. I'll try to remember that.

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