Sunday, October 19, 2008

WALKING BUDDIES: Part 16 - "How I Met Your Mother"- October 17, 2008

Based on Genesis 24

My junior year in college, a friend insisted on fixing me up with her fiancé’s roommate. I’d given up on blind dates and vowed this would be my last. My Camaro-driving date was really cute. Okay, so I was shallow, but who isn’t at twenty?

I find it hilarious that my eye doctor husband met his wife on a blind date. Move over well intentioned family and friends; is the matchmaker of the 21st Century.

Eons ago, Abraham devised a way to find a wife for his son, Isaac—but there’s someone better suited to tell the story than I am:

“Mommy, tell us again how you met Daddy!”

“Oh, Jacob, I’ve told you this story so many times…”

“Come on Mama! Tell us again! P-L-E-A-S-E!”

“Pipe down Esau... Well, when I was a girl, I had a most interesting encounter with a stranger when I went to the spring to fetch water. He asked me to…”

“Not that part. Skip to the really good part—when you and Daddy met.”

“Yeah, Mom, stop—what’s that word you say to me all the time—stop prograssinating!”

“Well, the man journeyed many days in search of a bride for the son of Abraham, your great-grandfather’s brother. He was adamant that I was the very woman he was looking for. And do you boys know why?”

“Cuz he prayed to God that a girl would come to the spring…”

“…and he would ask for a drink and she’d give ‘em one…”

“…and give all his camels drinks too and she’d be the one…

“…and that was you, Mama...”

“…and we’re STILLwaitin’ for the good part.”

“You do deserve an answer—but you’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to hear the rest of the story.



“Oh, all right… Perhaps I should have been scared to marry someone I didn’t know, and to move so far away from my home and family, but I felt God calling me. After many days journey…

“Oh, look, Mommy--Daddy’s home!

“Isaac, why don’t you tell the twins the rest of the story?”

“Well, boys, I was out in a field one evening, walking and talking with God, and I saw a caravan approaching. As the camels drew near, I saw the most amazing woman sitting atop the lead camel. ‘Could this be the woman my father sent for to be my wife?’ I wondered. And there I was, all dusty and sweaty, about to meet my wife!”

“Your daddy was so handsome and rode a really cool BC-Camel!”

“Your mommy was so hot… er, I mean, so gorgeous!”

“They say that love is blind, but it truly was love at first sight.”

“And that, kids, is how I met your mother.”

“Oh, Isaac!”

“Oh, Rebekah!”




Our Divine Matchmaker longs to match us with the right partner, career, home, etc. Like Rebekah and Isaac, may we be open to God’s leading.

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